Welcome To My Style & Beauty Blog

For a while know the lovely Ms Noire has been saying, “Ms Dead you need to do a blog.”  Fascinated as she is by my large wardrobe and the vast array of accessories I possess.  I’m neither a fashion expert nor a dedicated follower.  Like most alternative people I make up my style as I go along.  I pinch styles from everywhere, victorian corsets, 1950s pencil skirts, etc. mixing retro, horror, club, fetish and contemporary styles, to create my own look.

There are lots of cool goth, alternative, dark and unusual style/fashion/beauty blogs on the web and this does not pretend to be any of the above.  However this is my own humble take on my own sense of fashion and beauty.  It’s called Drop Dead Gorgeous as it seemed the easiest slogan to tie in with my surname of Dead.

Ms Noire has taken the photos of my outfits in isolation.  This is to show of the variety and detail in my day to day outfits.  Full frontal pictures would otherwise be a block of BLACK.  Bex has whizzed the pictures through Instagram and made them look super cute.

Polka Dot Bow
My favourite hair accessory.

I wear this hair clip quite a lot.  I bought them as a set, but rarely wear both at the same time.  One seems to work best on my little pin head.

Pencil Skirt with White Bow
Collectif Black Pencil Skirt with White Bow.

This is one of my favourite skirts. I love Collectif, but often their clothes are not made of the best material and tend to split easily.

I’m also wearing my standard seamed stockings, I love stockings, particulary seamed ones and wear them all the time.  My platform creepers are from Primark.  I like creeper shoes but they are too flat for me, so when I saw these high heel ones for only £17 I had to have them.

Victorian Style Watch
Cute, filigree, dainty watch.

This cute little watch was a Christmas present a few years ago.  From Past Times, I love the victorian, filigree design.

Silver Beads
Silver and Glass Rhinestone Beads

I bought these long, silver, pearl style beads from the back of Leeds market for £2.

Pearl Necklace Close-Up
Detail picture of my silver and glass rhinestone necklace
Made Out Of Plastic, It's Fantastic
Black Bow Cuff Bracelet

This black bow cuff/bracelet I bought from Miss Selfridge a few years ago.  I tend to wear this a lot also as it goes with nearly everything.

So that’s my first blog, I hope I haven’t bored you too much.

Teresa xxx

Bands We Have Played With Over The Past Ten Years.

The attached list shows the bands we have had to pleasure to play with in the past ten years, many of whom have sadly broken up.

These are all bands we’ve shared a stage with, on the same day. Also it shows how varied and diverse an act we are to have spanned different genres.  We’ve played with bands ranging from indie, pop. metal, goth to pure electronic acts and we’ve had a great time doing it so far.

Hopefully we’ll see you at one of our shows soon. 🙂

3ulogy, Abney Park, Aceldama, Acid Tongue, Action Directe, Ahrayeph, Alice Moving Under Skies, Angels & Agony, Angelspit, Anola Gray, Arkam Asylum, Army of Skanks, Archaic, Avenge Vulture Attack, Ayria, Berlin Black, Blind Before Dawn, Brother Orchid, Cauda Pavonis, City of Glass, Charlotte’s Shadow, Culture Kultur, Cybercide, Date At Midnight, Dead In The Queue, Der Klinke, Devilish Presley, Deviant UK, Dyonisis, Electra Glide, Electronische Maschine, Eternal Fall. Euphori Audio, Evil Man In Your Attic, Faderhead, Freudstein, Garden of Delight, Gene Loves Jezebel, Ghost of Lemora, Glitch Code, Global Citizen, Grendel, Hattenmachin, HUB, Implant, Inkubus Sukkubus, Jo Maultby, John Merrick’s Remains, Killing Miranda, Last July, Legion, Lesbian Bed Death, Libitina, Little Match Girl, Liquid Sky, Los Carniceros Del Notre, Love In A Cage, Lying Seasons, Manuskript, Martyn & Daisy, Mechanical Cabaret, Midnight Configuration, Momento Mori, Neon Zoo, Neuvogue, NFD, Nitzer Ebb, Oxsana Prism, Plastic Noose, Popoi Sdioh, Pro-Jekt, Pretentious Moi? Psychogeneration, Psydoll, Qntal, Rhombus, Salvation, Schmoof, Schattenschlag, Screams of Cold Winter, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Senton Bombs, Shadow of Memories, Skinflick, Soul Circus, Spares, Spekulus, Tenek, Terminal Gods, The Last Cry, The Last Dance, The Cruxshadows, The Cure Project, The Spiritual Bat, The Way Of All Flesh, Thief Taker, Tin Omen, Twilight Laboratory (T-Lab), Uberbyte, UFX, Uninvited Guest, V2A, Vigilante, Vince Ripper & The Rodent Show, Viral Lode, Voices of Masada, Violet Vortex, When People Become Numbers, Wind Up Mind, XMH, Zodiac Mindwarp, Zombina & The Skeletones