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Bat Bow

Bat Bow

Hello and welcome to my latest blog on, you know, stuff I wear.

So here we go, bring on the non stop rock and roll.   The bat bow above was a birthday present.

The Dennis the Menace style cardigan complete with cute skull is from Oasis in Birmingham.  It’s one of the coolest shopping areas in the city for alternative clothes.

Cardigan Skull

Silver Bow Earrings


I found these cute little earrings at St Gemma’s Vintage Fair in Leeds.

Eyeballs! Or rather just one, EXTREME CLOSE UP.

Eye Close Up

So on to the beauty part of the style and beauty blog.  So in the big eye picture above I’m wearing eyeshadow from one of my favourite eye palettes.  It’s by No. 17 and it’s called something cheesy like Glam Metal.  It has a cute cover with purple roses and thorns, which is obviously what caught my eye.

No 17 Glam Rock Eyeshadow Compact

As you can see the silver eyeshadow is my favourite.  I’ve tried eyeshadows from super expensive to super cheap and everything in between.   I think when it comes to eyeshadows after very extensive testing on myself, there’s not much difference in the wear of eye powder.  It’s all down to the base.  I use Urban Decay’s Eye Potion Primer and that works really well.  I wear eye make up all day everyday and it keeps it in place for about eight to ten hours.  It tends to fade and need perking up after that.  I either perk it up or change it totally for evening, depending on whether I’m going out or not.

No 17 Glam Rock Eyeshadows

Amazing Shoes


So these amazing shoes are from eBay.  Hideous to walk in and every time I cross my legs I stab my calf.  I nearly break my ankle every time I wear them, but they are gorgeous, so I may have to relegate them to the status of bedroom slippers.  They have a cute red insole too.

Shoe 2



This cute little blonde girl with her pet goats has the slogan ‘Satan Is Love’.  Yeah, it’s a bit weird, but I like it.  A friend of mine brought it back for me from Singapore, one of my favourite cities/island/country.

So there it goes, style AND beauty this time.  Spikey shoes, extreme close ups and vintage earrings etc. 🙂

Night & Day

Last week I had band practice during the day and in the evening I went out to a friend’s wedding.  So what do cool singers wear during the day?  Lots of vests, cardigans and jumpers because it’s autumn and I am generally always cold.

So I like clothes by Collectif, even though their fabric rips easily.  For instance I have ripped their skirts doing nothing more than going up stairs, walking and getting out of the band van.  However their clothes are cute so I do like them.  This skirt I’ve had for a while, so the few pulled threads are due to wear and tear.

Black Pencil Skirt with Cherries, Bows AND Stars.

Black Pencil Skirt with Cherries, Bows AND Stars.

Cherry Tank Top By Collectif

Cherry Tank Top By Collectif

And to top it all off:

Cherry Flames Bow

Cherry Bow 🙂  I can’t remember where I picked it up from, maybe it might have been a present, but it is cute.

For the evening do of my friend’s wedding I wore one of my favourite dresses, which is from Monsoon.  It’s black with little shiny black birds/crows/ravens (can’t tell which) embroidered over.

I was hanging this out on the washing line one day and noticed bleach had got on the waistband and a few spatters on the dress.  So I coloured them in with black marker pen and covered the waistband with a belt.  You now wouldn’t notice it or know I had a wardrobe meltdown the day it happened.  I still don’t know how I got bleach onto it.

Monsoon Blackbird/Crow/Raven Black Dress

Monsoon Blackbird/Crow/Raven Black Dress

Long Necklace by New Lock

Long Necklace by New Lock

Long line necklace by New Look that I got recently.  I keep fiddling with it and have to stop myself as one of the stringy chains has fallen out.  That’s also the belt I use to cover my bleaching accident.

So that was my day and night look for band practice the other week.  That’s what all the cool kids are wearing, well maybe just me.

Bye for now.