Live review from Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete

“As one of the acts performing at our intimate venue on the last night of Ctrl-Alt-Fest-Delete. Zeitgeist Zero certainly stole the show.

The five piece delighted the excited crowd with their sensational, eclectic, electronica, mixed with drums, guitars and keys. Intertwined with the enigmatic vox and stage presence from Teresa Dead, the audience were infected by the energetic Zeitgeists.

A show that will undoubtedly go down in history, as a deep down and dirty highlight of our first festival. Which left those who experienced the force that is Zeitgeist Zero, chanting for more. A band, definitely not to be missed.”

– Lorna Catt, Ctrl-Alt-Fest-Delete

Big thanks to the beautiful Lorna and the whole CAFD crew.

Ms Dead

Alt-Fest Cancelled


So that’s it. The festival is cancelled.

We’re devastated, but at least it has put an end to the, “is it cancelled” limbo we’ve all been living in for the past few days.

We’re gutted. It was going to be a big opportunity for an underground band like us to play to a large and diverse audience.

Feeling very unhappy for many reasons. As a musician so much is sacrificed for the band, because all spare money goes on the music. I can’t afford things like holidays. Alt-Fest was going to be a short weekend vacation. Plus not only was I looking forward to playing but to seeing the other bands.

However we still have Bram Stoker International Film Festival to look forward to in Whitby in October.

All the best