Lovelorn Dolls Remix

A few months ago we did a remix for the Belgian band Lovelorn Dolls.  The song we reworked, Miss Friday Night appears on their recently released album, Japanese Robot Invasion.

The remix is part of a second bonus disc of remixes.

01. Happy Valentine
02. The Thrill
03. Long Awaited Kiss
04. Japanese Robot Invasion
05. Miss Friday Night
06. Curse Of The Crab
07. Just Like Heaven
08. Blood Moon
09. Jasmina
10. Wolf Inside

CD2 “Robots Are Coming” – bonus disc only available in the limited carton box edition
01. The Thrill (EVESTUS rmx)
02. Happy Valentine (CONSUMER JUNK rmx)
03. Miss Friday Night (COSMIC ARMCHAIR rmx)
04. Curse of the Crab (NEIKKA RPM rmx)
05. The Thrill (BEYOND VIOLET’s 80’s Synthrmx)
06. Miss Friday Night (ZEITGEIST ZERO rmx)
07. The Thrill (JUNKSISTA rmx)
08. Long Awaited Kiss (HELL:SECTOR rmx)
09. Miss Friday Night (CHIT CHAT SEX BAND rmx)
10. Happy Valentine (Tom Erik Isaksenrmx)


Live Review in Reflection of Darkness

Reflections of Darkness Magazine gave us a great review or our recent show.

“This is a place where electro-goth, fuzzed up psychobilly and a dance driven classic rock ‘n roll bed down with a seedy art-house eroticism, jazz-era glamour and a knowing cheekiness. Their recorded output is impressively assured, genre-stretching and playful, but it’s in the live arena where the band really explode into vibrant existence. Because they don’t do gigs. Most definitely not. They put on a show.”


Click on link for full review.