German Tour

Zeitgeist Zero will be joining the amazing band The Cruxshadows on their German Tour. We will be travelling over this weekend for a week of touring with this great band. Hope to see you at a show. Details are below:10993451_10152638233766035_1912066784792432811_o

IndieGoGo Campaign Update

Today is the last day of our album funding campaign. There is still time to donate and order your copy of our new album. The CD should be arriving in about 10 days from now and will be shipping to pre-orderers along with the downloads and other merch as soon as we get back from the German tour. The vinyl is with the replicators and we are just waiting on the test pressings, so may take a bit longer to arrive and ship out. I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. I am so blown away by the support and love that has been shown. And even if we don’t make the target there is no doubt the album as a result of this project will be exactly how we imagined it. I really cannot thank you all enough.