New Zeitgeist Zero Merch Bundle Deals!

Zeitguys and Zeitgirls, we’ve just added a load of new deals to our Bandcamp Store page:

  • Purchase our latest album Ghosts Of Victory on CD and get The Blackout CD for only £5!
  • You don’t have any of our albums you say! Perfect timing, this is the deal for you: Get all three of our albums to date for only £27 and what’s more, we will also include The Blackout CD for free!
  • Vinyl lover? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered; purchase Ghosts Of Victory as a deluxe gatefold 12″ vinyl album (including free digital album download) and we will also include a Ghosts Of Victory Gas Mask T-Shirt in a size of your choice, and all for only £29.99.
  • .ZZ Merch3
  • For the ultimate Zeitgeist Zero fan, the Geistarmy Uber Bundle includes the official Geistarmy messenger bag, our latest Ghosts Of Victory Gas Mask T-Shirt, an official Zeitgeist Zero ‘Centripede’ logo tie and a bottle-opener lanyard. Plus we will throw in some free stickers and badges!
  • ZZ merch2 ZZMerch1

All the best,
Mr Zero