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zeitgeist: Pronunciation: /ˈzʌɪtgʌɪst   /tsahyt-gahyst
The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.
From German Zeitgeist, Zeit ‘time’ + Geist ‘spirit’.

zero: Pronunciation: /ˈzɪərəʊ   /zee-roh
No quantity or number; nought; the figure 0.

Zeitgeist Zero

Alt-wave rock and eerie macabre pop, fusing sultry female vocals with dark, twisted electronics and a determined attitude.  This is a place where electro-goth, fuzzed up psychobilly and dance driven rock ‘n roll bed down with seedy art-house eroticism, jazz-era glamour and a knowing cheekiness.

Zeitgeist Zero produce a sensational mix of electronics, guitars and drums, intertwining around passionate female vocals. Catchy beats, hooks and riffs bely an intelligent lyrical sensibility. Since their inception in 2003 in Leeds England, their three album releases have met with international critical acclaim, enabling the band to build up a loyal following.  Their recorded output is impressively assured, genre-stretching and playful, but it’s in the live arena where the band really explode into vibrant existence.  Zeitgeist Zero perfectly manage to inhabit their own carefully constructed and intriguingly strange world. Their unique sound, darkly glamorous style and originality have received extensive favourable press coverage enabling the band to play several key festivals, including Whitby Gothic Weekend, Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany and more recently headlining Goth City Festival and Bram Stoker International Film Festival.  As independent artists the band have succesfully toured both the UK and Europe as well as supporting acclaimed artists such as Toyah, Christian Death and The Cruxshadows.
Zeitgeist Zero released their new album Ghosts of Victory funded via a crowd funding campaign which raised over £4K in pre-orders from their die hard fans the Geist Army. The album was mixed by the legendary Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Jah Wobble, Shed Seven) and mastered by John Dent (Goldfrapp, PJ Harvey, Music Producers Guild Mastering Engineer of the Year 2015) and is available on CD and gatefold vinyl.

“Eerie macabre pop. Criminally underrated.”
– Terrorizer Magazine 

“At the live performance you can really appreciate Teresa’s strong impressive vocals, …you must see these guys live!”
– Unscene Magazine

“Forget genre, if you want to see one of the most exciting bands at the top of their profession in the UK, then check out Zeitgeist Zero, you will not be disappointed by the most visual and
electrifying band I have seen.”
– Leeds Music Promotions

“The next generation of Yorkshire Gothic”
– North Leeds Life Magazine

ZZ Band Shot with Logo



  • Ghosts Of Victory 2015
  • The Blackout EP 2012
  • Dead To The World 2009
  • Zeitgeist Zero 2005


  • Silver Heart 2014
  • Absolute Grrrls Manifesto 2013
  • Gothic Visions IV DVD/CD 2013
  • Screams From The Charnel House Volume 1 2011
  • Dark Salvation Volume 1 2004
  • Sick Twisted Individual 2004

Magazine Cover Discs:

  • Devolution Iss.39 ’16
  • Dark Spy Magazine (DE) Iss.66 Sep‘15
  • Unscene Magazine (UK) Iss.10 Winter‘12
  • Dark Spy Magazine (DE) No.49 Sep’12
  • Soundsphere Magazine (UK) Iss.1 Winter’10
  • Dark Spy Magazine (DE) No.31 Sep’09
  • Synthetics Magazine (DE) No.86 Jul‘09
  • Unscene Magazine (UK) Iss.7 Summer‘09
  • Devolution Magazine (UK) Iss.8 Spring’06
  • TWF Magazine (UK) Iss.5 Winter’05
  • Zillo Magazine (DE) Oct’05
  • Kaleidoscope Magazine (UK) Iss.20 Winter‘05
  • Sonic Seducer Magazine (DE) May ‘05

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