Meet the sultry belgian bass player Bex Noire.

Joined the band in 2008 and has been providing grinding bass lines and backing vocals ever since. Involved in song writing and artistic direction Miss Noire is always looking for that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ detail.┬áBex has an eclectic music taste ranging from South African techno rap team Die Antwoord to Frank Sinatra, to progressive metal band Tool and these influences come across when writing for Zeitgeist Zero.

Bex says: I could not imagine my life without Zeitgeist Zero. It would be too boring!

Bex facts:
height- 178
eyes- blue
speaks- english, french, spanish, italian
Instruments and equipment- cort gb24 bass called ‘Butter’ purchased 2001 and line 6 podx3 live pedal board. Owns two Hartke amps; massive beast for playing live ‘Julius’ and a smaller compact version for studio ‘Vincent’.
Likes: naming things, cheese, 90s memorabilia, terrible postcards, shoes and art.
Dislikes: bananas, tidying, dishonesty and horror movies.
Favourite films: Little mermaid, Terminator 2, Overboard, Casino.
Stage style: cannot keep still.

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