Formed Zeitgeist Zero in 2003.
As well as the live guitar player, Corin Zero is the technical whizz in the band and main composer of the music. Corin has a great passion for music and can be found in the studio making sounds and insane beats. A stickler for detail Corin will always make sure every avenue and option has been explored within the songs, image and production of Zeitgeist Zero.
Corin says: Ignore the man behind the curtain.

Corin facts:
aka- Goth Wan, Bruce Leeds
born- Leeds, England
eyes- green
speaks- english and a little german
Instruments and equipment-
Guitars: ‘Betty’ ESP Ltd EC-1000 guitar with custom Bigsby vibrato tailpiece & ‘Ethel’ ESP Ltd guitar.
Fx: Line 6 POD HD500X, Digitech Whammy DT, TC Electronics Polytune.
Amps: ‘Donner und Blitzen’
Cabs: Marshall.
Wireless: 2x Line 6 Relay G50
Synths: Korg Triton Extreme, Korg Trinity, Access Virus TI, Moog Sub 37, Novation Mininova, Roland V-Drums.
Software: ProTools, Cubase, Native Instruments.
Likes: Music, Vintage style, Art, Film.
Dislikes: Ignorance, Fashion, ‘isms.
Favourite films: The Bride of Frankenstein, Blade Runner, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1970s original), Alien.

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