James Grave joined the band in 2009, just in time to play the launch show of Dead To The World album. James plays keys/synths and provides backing vocals. His music writing is influenced by almost all genres and sub-genres, from classical to neue deutsche harte, and unhelpfully/subjectively defines his musical taste as “liking anything that sounds good”.

James says: “Can’t touch it, can’t taste it, but you can feel it… ladies.” (Especially in sound check)

James facts:
Born- Leeds, England
Height- 190
Eyes- Green
Speaks- yorkshire and a little english
Instruments: Korg Triton Extreme, Access Virus TI, Korg Trinity, Novation Mininova
Likes- Films, Reading, Computer Games, Geeky Stuff, Bourbon Whiskey, Foreign Food (known abroad as ‘food’)
Dislikes- Audio cable spaghetti
Favourite Tv/Films- Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Alien Franchise (and Prometheus!), Star Wars Original Trilogy (especially The Empire Strikes Back)

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