Teresa Dead is the enigmatic lead singer and lyricist of Zeitgeist Zero.

At 5ft 2, eyes of blue, she’s been belting out tunes and heading Zeitgeist Zero since 2003.

This Northern Irish beauty has an impeccable sense of style and a great vocal style that’s impossible to ignore.  Teresa has wowed audiences all across Europe with Zeitgeist Zero, where she owns the stage with her passion and connection to the crowd.   Off stage she is friendly, enjoys meeting people at shows and getting to know them.

Loves: Music, A LOT, loves music from all genres and time periods.  She has a massive music collection, with thousands of albums on CD and vinyl, as well as the odd tape, MP3 and 78.

Other main love is high heels, stockings, bubble baths and liquid eyeliner.

Teresa says, “For everything you ever wanted to know about me listen to the track Unlucky 13.”

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