New single available for free download

Blood live acoustic single

A great live, one take, intimate acoustic version of Blood. The track was recorded in March 2016, at Zeitgeist Zero’s own Inner Sanctum studio. This is a new recording of the song that originally appeared on the Dead To The World album. It’s free to download or if you would like to help the band you can pay a £1 or as much as you feel. It’s all appreciated.

New album review in Disturbia Magazine

“Ghosts of Victory exhibe una gran variedad de matices que te encandilarán de principio a fin…Me quedé fascinado con “Dust and bone”, un tema sacado de otra dimensión” (translated: Ghosts of Victory exhibits a variety of shades that charm you from start to finishI was fascinated with “Dust and Bone” , a theme taken from another dimension)
– Disturbia Magazine


New Zeitgeist Zero Merch Bundle Deals!

Zeitguys and Zeitgirls, we’ve just added a load of new deals to our Bandcamp Store page:

  • Purchase our latest album Ghosts Of Victory on CD and get The Blackout CD for only £5!
  • You don’t have any of our albums you say! Perfect timing, this is the deal for you: Get all three of our albums to date for only £27 and what’s more, we will also include The Blackout CD for free!
  • Vinyl lover? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered; purchase Ghosts Of Victory as a deluxe gatefold 12″ vinyl album (including free digital album download) and we will also include a Ghosts Of Victory Gas Mask T-Shirt in a size of your choice, and all for only £29.99.
  • .ZZ Merch3
  • For the ultimate Zeitgeist Zero fan, the Geistarmy Uber Bundle includes the official Geistarmy messenger bag, our latest Ghosts Of Victory Gas Mask T-Shirt, an official Zeitgeist Zero ‘Centripede’ logo tie and a bottle-opener lanyard. Plus we will throw in some free stickers and badges!
  • ZZ merch2 ZZMerch1

All the best,
Mr Zero


First review of Ghosts of Victory just in…

“Another delve into the deliciously dark world of ‘Z.Z.’. Mixing up gothic rock, cyber and cabaret elements into a really suductive and sure of itself release which goes to demonstrate why they’re one of the best bands on the Goth scene at the moment. They casually side-step the trap of echoing the past and stride towards the future with well played and sung engaging songs full of moody charm…Gothic brilliance!”– Jumbo Records

Ghosts of Victory has just been mastered!

Here is a short video showing a few bit of the mastering process of Zeitgeist Zero’s new album Ghosts of Victory at LOUD Mastering studios in Taunton, UK. The mastering engineer is John Dent voted Mastering Engineer of the Year 2014/15 by the Music Producers Guild. He ecently mastered Goldfrapp’s ‘Tales of Us’ and PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake’ which won album of the year and a Mercury music prize. A big thank you to everyone has helped fund this album so far with our indiegogo campaign. Your money has not been wasted. The camcorder audio does not do justice to how good this sounds after mastering. If you have not done so far, please pre-order the album on our Indiegogo page as we still need to raise funds to pay to replicate the CD and vinyl.


Balloons IGG FlyerHello

As you know we’ve been working hard on our album for a while now. You’ve probably seen the Geist Graph of completion with my regular updates. We’ve paid out a small fortune for the photo shoot, equipment, studio upgrades, recording and mixing. However we can’t complete the final stage and just need a little help to get it out to you, by pre-ordering the album.

We would really appreciate if you could watch our video on our Indie Go Go page.


As I mentioned we don’t have a budget left to publicise the campaign so we could do with your help sharing. Even if you can’t afford to buy anything we’d still appreciate your support.

Firstly if you could share the Indie Go Go Campaign for us that would be great.
Secondly we need you to email us to say you’ve done it.

Why email us?

Essential because of Facebook’s privacy settings. If your friends share it, if I’m not friends their share will be hidden from me and they’ll lose out. Plus you can email to say hello and give us encouragement. Even better join our mailing list.

A big THANK YOU for your support.


Please watch and share our IndieGoGo campaign video:

You can listen to a sneak preview of the album below: