“Eerie macabre pop. Criminally  underrated”
– Terrorizer Magazine

“Dark magic indeed” – Jumbo Records

“a mixture of tension, aggression and irony…an extremely charismatic artist” – Reflections of Darkness

“strong impressive vocals…you must see these guys live!” – Unscene Magazine

“one of the best attended gigs of the year!” – Sheepish Promotions/The Lending Room

“the depth of their sound was remarkable” – York Calling

“Zeitgeist Zero certainly stole the show. A band, definitely not to be missed” –  Ctrl-Alt-Fest-Delete Festival

“We love Zeitgeist Zero. Whose decadent, sleazy blend of electronica, grinding guitars and passionate female vocals regularly rip-up dancefloors at alternative clubs around the country – have carved themselves a niche on the British live circuit and have also wowed fans in venues across Europe” – Bizarre Magazine

“visual and electrifying” – Leeds Music Promotions

“a stunning example of best elements of the dark alternative scene” –  Doncaster Electronic Foundation

“Their recorded output is impressively assured, genre-stretching and playful, but it’s in the live arena where the band really explode into vibrant existence. Because they don’t do gigs. Most definitely not. They put on a show.”
-Reflections of Darkness

“With solid songs and a high-quality live show it’s hard to believe this band is still unsigned” – Dominion Magazine

“held the audience spellbound throughout” – Jack Pyromancer (DJ & Promoter)

“The hardest working band” – Jonathan Housbey (Bram Stoker International Film Festival)

“a band that is doing something a little bit different” – Club Incarnate

Ghosts Of Victory album reviews:
 ” a really seductive and sure of itself release” – Jumbo Records
“The female vocals are amazing…beautiful and catchy” – Coma Music Magazine
” So dark… so deep… so beautiful” – Carpe Nocturne Magazine

The Blackout EP reviews:
“No 1 – Favourite!” – Dark Spy Magazine
“laden with irresistible dancefloor fillers” – Bizarre Magazine
“United In Black’ is a sure dancefloor hit” – Dominion Magazine

Dead to the World album reviews:
“Favourite! 10.6 / 12” – Dark Spy Magazine
“If you have taste you’ll get this” – Mick Mercer (Music Journalist)
“The songs are in perfect harmony with each other” – Side-Line Magazine

ZEITGEIST ZERO debut album reviews:
“A class release from start to finish” Kaleidoscope Magazine
“A great record, which rewards you further on successive plays” – Mick Mercer (Music Journalist)
“instantly project this trio into the map of the acts to watch closely” – Darklife Fanzine


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