“the next generation of Yorkshire Gothic – Zeitgeist Zero”
– North Leeds Life Magazine

 “Mixing up gothic rock, cyber and cabaret elements into a really suductive and sure of itself release which goes to demonstrate why they’re one of the best bands on the Goth scene at the moment. Gothic brilliance!”
– Jumbo Records

“The female vocals are amazing, though: very dark, melodic, not trying too hard and not at all sounding like Evanescence. The music is equally as beautiful and catchy.”
– Coma Music Magazine

” So dark… so deep… so beautiful”
– Carpe Nocturne Magazine

“Ghosts of Victory exhibe una gran variedad de matices que te encandilarán de principio a fin…Me quedé fascinado con “Dust and bone”, un tema sacado de otra dimensión” (translated: Ghosts of Victory exhibits a variety of shades that charm you from start to finishI was fascinated with “Dust and Bone” , a theme taken from another dimension)
– Disturbia Magazine

“Their recorded output is impressively assured, genre-stretching and playful, but it’s in the live arena where the band really explode into vibrant existence. Because they don’t do gigs. Most definitely not. They put on a show.”
-Reflections of Darkness

Whose decadent, sleazy blend of electronica, grinding guitars and passionate female vocals regularly rip-up dancefloors at alternative clubs around the country – have carved themselves a niche on the British live circuit and have also wowed fans in venues across Europe.”
– Bizarre Magazine

“At the live performance you can really appreciate Teresa’s strong impressive vocals, and everyone seems to get engrossed in their music that creates a spirit that you cannot capture on a recording…you must see these guys live!”
– Unscene Magazine

“Eerie macabre pop. Criminally  underrated.”
– Terrorizer Magazine

“Forget genre, if you want to see one of the most exciting bands at the top of their profession in the UK, then check out Zeitgeist Zero, you will not be disappointed by the most visual and electrifying band I have seen.”
– Leeds Music Promotions

“They kicked off their set with an electronic, industrial beat. However, after a few songs it became clear that, genre-wise, Zeitgeist Zero were not easily categorised. They drew in elements of glam rock, disco and 90s trance, to name a few, and the depth of their sound was remarkable. Coupled with this complexity was a real crowd-pleasing show. Frontwoman Teresa felt every beat of every song”
– York Calling

“With solid songs and a high-quality live show it’s hard to believe this band is still unsigned.”
– Dominion Magazine

“Dark magic indeed.”
– Jumbo Records

“Combining elements of burlesque, metal and 40s swing their powerful female lead stage presence is not to be missed. Their new album Ghosts of Victory is a stunning example of best elements of the dark alternative scene.”
–  Doncaster Electronic Foundation

“Zeitgeist Zero certainly stole the show. A show that will undoubtedly go down in history, as a deep down and dirty highlight of our first festival. A band, definitely not to be missed.”
–  Ctrl-Alt-Fest-Delete

“The delivery was flawless, ramming each track home in a flourish of skill. The band played for over an hour…and held the audience spellbound throughout, each track getting a louder response than the one before it”
– Gothic Stormshadow

“It was rather hard to take my eyes from the scene, as the vocalist really attracted attention. Teresa Dead’s voice is a mixture of tension, aggression and irony…the guitars helped to bring out all the strength of the vocals and musically it was a very inspiring concert. Teresa Dead who won my eyes during the show as she is an extremely charismatic artist”
– Reflections of Darkness

“What I couldn’t have predicted was that you’d pull over a hundred punters and be one of the best attended gigs of the year!Once again you were an absolute joy to work with and as usual the soundcheck was straightforward and without problems. I look forward to working with you again in 2012!”
– Phono Paul (Sheepish Promotions)

“The hardest working band in Goth!”
-Jonathan Housbey (Bram Stoker International Film Festival)

“Zeitgeist Zero… made a feisty impression with their eclectic fusion of 50s rock ‘n’ roll with electro/punk undertones. Lead vocalist ‘Teresa Dead’ had the charisma and swagger to capture the crowd’s attention and get feet tapping appreciatively. This was a sound performance from a bad that is doing something a little bit different.
– Club Incarnate

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